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Crays Pond, Reading, England

Specializing in the Development of Chemical Engineering Software & Engineering Consultancy

In 2002, Chemcept started work on a device to assist the breathing of people suffering from lung disease. By 2005, it was clear that the development costs would be much greater than could be supported by the trading activities of a small company such as Chemcept. Accordingly, Haemair was founded in 2005 to raise additional finance for that activity.

Haemair ( is focused on devices for directly oxygenating blood; in effect providing an auxiliary lung. It is working towards a portable device so that lung disease sufferers can regain mobility. In the course of developing a device to assist breathing, Haemair have generated further Intellectual Property relevant to healthcare. In order to develop, and ultimately exploit, this IP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haemair has been established. The Company Haemaflow Ltd ( has developments in improved blood transfusion, perfusion of transplant organs to improve their availability and viability, and in a novel blood pump.

Haemair also proposed a novel instrument for measuring blood rheology (for example, for early detection of Sepsis). Refinement and development of the instrument has been taken over by the Australian company Haemograpth Pty Ltd. Haemair own shares in Haemograph and Chemcept has a very small direct shareholding in the company.

Chemcept now work primarily for Haemair and Haemaflow and is not actively seeking other work.

The Johns family continue to be minor shareholders in Haemair Ltd.

Chemcept Ltd., Crays Pond, Reading, England