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Mathematical Modelling, Chemical Engineering Software and Engineering Consultancy

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Chemcept-Data: A fast and simple physical and chemical properties estimation and calculation system. Click here for details about Chemcept-Data

Flaresign: Flaresign incorporates two functions. The first function is the simulation of single or two-phase non-ideal flow through pipe networks. High speed near sonic flow is allowed, with discharge through a flare tip or similar device. The program can be used in simulation or design modes. In design mode, pipe sizes can be allocated using international or company standards. The program can optionally be used in this function alone. The second function is flare/flame simulation. The program calculates the 3-dimensional size and shape of flames as a function of discharge characteristics and wind speed. Internationally accepted methods are employed together with Chemcept enhancements. Radiation from the flame can be computed using point, line or surface models. (Point models assume one point source for the radiation from the "centre" of the flame. Line models assume radiation from a line source along the axis of the flame. Surface models assume radiation from the curved surface of the flame). Mixed models are also permitted. The flame model can be used separately, or integrated with the flow simulation. The program does not claim to be a fully integrated flare network simulation package because it excludes features such as blowdown simulation. Click here for details about Flaresign

Chemcept-Design: The program uses an all-integer optimization to synthesize the design of chemical process flowsheets. The development of this program has been on hold for 2 years whilst other products were brought to market. It is expected to recommence development early in 2005. Benefits include a rapid structural optimization without the necessity to define or generate a process superstructure. The program is capable of generating a number of alternative process structures within a pre-set margin of the computed optimum. Click here for details about Chemcept-Design

TomorrowsPrices: The program predicts the direction and extent of price movements of tradable assets (such as the futures market). It is designed to assist day traders in minimizing their risks and maximizing their returns. The program is built on novel non-Gaussian statistics that have been found to apply to nearly all assets traded on nearly all stock markets. TomorrowsPrices is no longer available commercially, for further details Click here

Chemcept software disclosure policy. Doctor Johns was Chairman of the CAPE Subject Group that initiated the development of the Institution of Chemical Engineers guidelines defining the Professional Responsibility for engineers for software-based decisions. Chemcept Ltd fully supports these guidelines. In essence, they say that any engineer making a computer-based decision must be fully aware of the algorithms and data upon which the software is based. To this end, every customer for Chemcept Process Engineering Software is given documentation fully describing the methods on which the software is built. All data are supplied as printable ASCII files, so that users can check them as fully adequate for purpose. As a further quality assurance step, all input data and output results are stored as ASCII files. This precaution ensures that any design basis will be available for tens of years. Proprietary formats are likely to be inaccessible after only a few version enhancements.

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