Chemcept Ltd.
Chemical Engineering Software. Specializing in the Development of Chemical Engineering Software

Crays Pond, Reading, England

Specializing in the Development of Chemical Engineering Software & Engineering Consultancy

Chemcept Ltd is a small UK family company that has been operating successfully for over 20 years. The directors are: William Johns, Gareth Johns and Tamsin Johns. The Company Secretary is Judith Johns.

The Managing Director is W.R. Johns, whose background includes: Technology Group Manager in the chemical industry, Chief Chemical Engineer for an international consultancy, and academic positions in the UK and Switzerland.

These academic positions include 10 years as a Professor Head of a University Chemical Engineering Department. He has also managed a university Mathematics and Computing Department. He has an extensive publication record which includes Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Flow, mathematical modelling and simulation, optimization and process synthesis. He has been Chairman of the Computer-Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) subject group, and has authored a standard chapter on Quality Assurance in Engineering Software.

Chemcept Ltd is not actively looking for new clients.

Chemcept Ltd., Crays Pond, Reading, England